A desperately horny slave girl begs for relief


A desperately horny slavegirl begs for relief:

“Please, Mistress, may I cum?”


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Amber will prevent her from cumming


Amber’s slave can rub and grind her pussy against the vibrator all she wants, but Amber is watching closely. Just before she cums,

Amber will pull the plug to prevent her from cumming.

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Amber controls their pussies


Good girls don’t beg. They whimper, they moan, they sob and sometimes they even cry but really good girls don’t beg. Good girls know that it’s Amber who controls their pussies and that

they won’t cum until Amber decides they are ready.

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Teased to the limit of human endurance


Nikki is no stranger to cruel and unusual punishment but when she shows up at the door of Amber’s Sorority House to complain about how unfair her girlfriend’s orgasm denial program is for her, she experiences torments she was utterly unprepared to handle.

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She will do anything for an orgasm


Beg. Plead. Cry. Whimper. Agree to things on her “hard limit” list. Lick her wetness from the fingers that torment her. She will do literally anything for an orgasm but despite all her efforts,

she will never be allowed to cum

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You know I will NEVER let you cum, don’t you?


I can feel your orgasm building up in your wet, wet pussy…

but you know I will NEVER let you cum, don’t you?

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Farther and Farther Away


She’s trying hard to thrust her pussy out to reach the vibrator but it just keeps getting farther and farther away. It’s a real shame, too, as she needs to cum very, very badly.

Does the poor girl ever get to cum? Find out here.

Amber Chase Named 1st Director of DenyHerOrgasm.com

Amber Chase Named 1st Director of DenyHerOrgasm.com

We have some news to report today. We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Amber Chase as our first-ever Director.

“I’m thrilled to have Amber Chase taking over as director of DenyHerOrgasm.com,” DenyHerOrgasm Producer Indy told XBIZ. “She is both an accomplished director and a terrific performer, but most importantly she really understands tease and denial. Her creativity is already bringing fresh, new ideas to the site and I’m very excited to see what she comes up next.”

See the complete press release at XBiz here.

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Your next orgasm is a LONG WAY OFF

Your next orgasm is a long way off

You can beg all you want to, slut.

Your next orgasm is a LONG WAY OFF

Mistress Jasmine has her pretty slut tied down and helpless. She’ll spend the day on the edge of orgasm but no matter how much she begs for it, she won’t be allowed to come.

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No orgasms, just never-ending bliss.


Tiny circles around her nipples. Soft, long slow strokes over her clitoris.

No orgasms, just never-ending bliss.

Yes, this is Sarah Blake. Normally Sarah is doing the teasing but we’ve got exclusive video of her in bondage, being edged over and over by Dia Zerva of Kink.com fame. Don’t miss this.

Sarah Blake, teased and denied. Very rare!